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default Troubleshooting your telephone line...

on Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:18 pm
Ten Tips on Troubleshooting your Phone Line :

These days living without a phone is rather impossible. Now, if you have a phone some day or other it will give some trouble. Here are few simple tips for identifying problem on your phone line, in case you are not getting satisfactory service.

Problem – 1

On lifting your handset you are getting a whistling sound !

Tip -

Check whether on your tone dialing handset any dialing button has become permanently depressed. If so, please set it right. Otherwise, you may have to change your handset.

Problem – 2

You are not getting any Incoming Call !

Tip -

Check whether your ringer volume control is set to lowest setting and as a result you are unable to hear the ringing bell. Increase the ringer volume to see if the problem is resolved.

If this is not the case, make a phone call to your phone from a phone nearby / nearest house and lift your receiver and check whether you can talk on the incoming call. If this is so, then the bell of your handset has gone faulty.

Please check whether you have got dial tone on your phone. If there is no dial tone please check whether the phone is connected to the line jack properly.

If, instead of dial tone you are getting some announcement regarding non-payment of Phone Bill, then your non-receipt of incoming calls may be on account of the fact that your line has been temporarily disconnected for non-payment. Dial "1501/1502/1503" and ascertain your telecom dues outstanding and clear your telephone dues.

If everything seems to be OK, otherwise the problem may be on account of the fact that your phone line has been diverted elsewhere and the dial tone that you are getting on lifting your handset may be the dial tone of some other phone line. If you suspect this to be the case, dial "164" and find out the phone number of the phone that you are currently using. Check if this is your correct phone number indeed. In case of discrepancy, please book a complaint by dialing "198".

Problem – 3

Your Phone line is Noisy !

Tip -

If you are also using a cordless phone set, please check whether the noisy condition is encountered only when you are using your cordless phone set. If this is so, then your cordless phone set requires to be attended. Probably the battery voltage is too low and requires to be properly charged or you are using your cordless phone set too far away from its base station and / or there are a number of brick walls shielding the base station from the cordless handset.

If the problem persists on all the phone sets connected to your phone line, then remove all the phone sets connected in parallel and see if the problem goes away. If this is so, then you may reconnect the parallel phones one at a time and check when the problem re-appears.

Problem – 4

While making calls using VCC / ACC some digits are accepted and thereafter further dialing does not seem to proceed !

Tip -

While making calls using VCC / ACC you may dial the access number (e.g. for VCC : 1602-33 ) either in pulse or in tone dialing mode but thereafter the dialing has to be in tone mode.

To overcome the problem --
you may apply to the DE-Intl. of your exchange for tone dialing facility on your phone and use a phone set that dials in tone mode by default.

Otherwise, before dialing the digits in tone mode press the (H) button on your phone once to switch over to the tone dialing mode. Remember, you will revert back to the pulse-dialing mode as soon as you replace your handset. Therefore you will have to press the (H) button every time you which to switch over the tone dialing mode.

Problem – 5

You are dialing your number but the dial tone is not terminating !

Tip -
There are two possibilities –
Either your Dialpad is not dialing out at all the digits dialed by you. In this case your phone set requires to be replaced; or

You are dialing in tone dialing mode but you have not been provided with tone dialing facility on your phone line. In this case either change your phone set to dial in pulse mode or apply to the DE/Intl of your exchange for tone dialing facility on your phone line. Problem – 6

On an Incoming call your phone is ringing only once !

Tip -

Your line has low insulation. Book a complaint for the same by dialing "198".

Problem – 7

You do not get the dial tone on lifting your handset OR the other party cannot hear you while talking
OR you cannot hear the other party !

Tip -

Get hold or borrow temporarily another working phone set. Connect it to your phone line and see if the problem goes away. If so, your phone set requires to be repaired. Otherwise, book a complaint.

Problem – 8

Your friends complain that when they ring you there is ‘no reply’ but your phone line is OK and you are available ! Tip -

The culprit may be the ‘Call Waiting Facility’. With call waiting facility activated on your line, if you are busy talking to someone and a second party rings you, then you will get a ‘pip pip’ tone on your phone and the second party will get ring-back tone. If you do not respond the Call waiting indication, the second party will encounter a ‘no reply’ situation although your phone line is OK and you are busy talking to someone.

The solution to the problem is either to respond to the ‘pip pip’ tone and attend to the waiting second call or disable call waiting on your phone line by dialing "119". You can always re-activate Call Waiting by dialing "118".

Problem – 9

When you are dialing some phone number you are continuously getting "engaged tone" but you know the phone is OK and there is someone to answer the phone !

Tip -

One simple reason for this continuous engaged tone is that the line is really busy with call waiting disabled – may be your called party is surfing the "NET".

Another reason might be the fact that the phone handset has not been kept properly on its cradle. The only solution is to develop the habit to see that the handset is placed properly on its cradle. In case the phone is really busy you may consider activating the call waiting facility so that while you are busy talking over phone if another call arrive, you are notified the arrival of the second call.

Problem – 10

On an incoming call when you lift the phone the ringing does not terminate

Tip -

Check if the hook switch of your phone set is jammed somehow. Or else, may be your phone handset is not properly connected to the phone set. In short, your phone set requires to be attended.

Source: http://tamilnadu.bsnl.co.in/trbleshoot.htm

Troubleshooting your telephone line...  1_titl10
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